Take a moment and think back to one of the most memorable events you’ve ever experienced. Can you still picture the scene? Hear the music? Smell the food? Remember how luxurious the furniture was or how rejuvenated the yoga practice left you feeling? 

Events that create a fully immersive experience for their guests, curating every detail towards our five senses, are not only more memorable but also more enticing and enjoyable for those present. Several years ago a survey of hundreds of event professionals was conducted and the results were unsurprising. Among those participants, 78% believe a multi-sensory event is more memorable and creative for attendees! 

How do you design a multi-sensory event?

Thankfully here at Meridian Events, multi-sensory events are one of our specialties. We know how powerful it is to bring people together, encourage collaboration, and provide rest and relaxation. We enjoy working with our clients to perfect every detail of each event we design, including how to best speak to each of our five senses!


The sense of sight may seem the easiest, as typically some of the first considerations while planning an event are location and decor. It is remarkable how much a contrasting color scheme, ambient lighting, and coordinated accent pieces can catch and draw the eye from one area of the space to another.  Additionally, color in our environment can affect the emotions within us. Cooler tones tend to bring a sense of calm, while warmer colors are more energetic and vibrant. Deep, saturated hues can bring a feeling of rest and luxuriousness which is ideal if you wish to provide a cozy and restful atmosphere.

Such was the case at the Veuve Clicquot Après-Ski we hosted in Montana. The dark wood of the lodge naturally brought a warm and inviting feel to the space, while the jewel-toned accent pillows and throw blankets invited friends to sit, relax, and chat. Golden-toned floral arrangements throughout the space brought organic beauty from the outside in, complimented by the array of cheeses and fresh produce. Color is an extremely powerful way to bring a company’s brand to life within an event. Keeping this in mind, we were sure to use many pops of yellow, gold, and green as a nod to the La Grande Dame brand.


When you consider the sense of hearing it’s important to include both natural sounds, like crashing waves or birds singing, as well as sounds created by musicians, artists, meditation guides, and the like. Sitting on an oceanfront patio listening to the gentle roll of the waves can help regulate our nervous system. Another great option to be calm and centered is a yoga practice focused on the breath, or a guided meditation to invite relaxation. Live musicians or a DJ playing an array of tunes is a great way to set the mood for a calm dinner or a lively party! 

We were thrilled to collaborate with Moët Hennessy for a Welcome Week celebration. In-office yoga was the perfect break for employees to stretch and gently move. We also included roaming musicians to bring a bit of guitar cheer to everyone at their desks!


Tailoring to the sense of taste is simple – decide on a delicious cuisine to highlight, add some cocktails, and voila! You have a delectable experience waiting for each of your guests.

Meridian Events was fortunate to curate a Corporate Annual Sales Event full of delicious food and drink that spoke to the vibrant lifestyle of Miami where the event was hosted. Signature cocktails were the perfect addition to the mouth-watering menu of gourmet eats. We also had a cigar bar with a torcedor rolling fresh cigars for the guests. From start to finish, this event was a feast for the tastebuds!


There are many directions you may go when considering details to cater to our sense of touch. Choosing soft, luxurious furniture and accents, hosting grounding exercises like yoga or barefoot walks outdoors, providing spa treatments to pamper and refresh, and encouraging movement and exercise are some of the most enjoyable ways to tap into our need for comfort, rest, and connection. The unique benefit of focusing on various tactile experiences for guests is that they often go hand in hand with beautiful sights, comforting aromas, delicious food, and inspiring music – creating a multi-sensory experience by itself!

Hennessy’s Incentive Event in Cabo, Mexico is a fantastic peek into the wonder of a multi-sensory event. Those attending enjoyed oceanfront yoga in the warm sunshine, camel rides, and beach ATV trips along the crashing waves. They were also treated to delicious food beneath palm trees and cocktails while sailing on the azure waters. Dancing, fireworks, and entertainers wrapped up the incredible experience for each and every guest.


Perhaps one of the more challenging senses to provide a unique experience, the sense of smell is worth the effort. Our sense of smell enriches the world around us and is shown to be closely tied to our memories, invoking remembrance and nostalgia when we come across a familiar scent again in the future. Because of this we highly recommend considering a signature aroma, a unique food and drink menu, or a location nestled within fresh, crisp air.

We had the pleasure of hosting a Woodinville Whiskey Co. Après-Ski in Colorado. With a gorgeous backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the guests were able to enjoy the crisp mountain air wrapped up in warm blankets by a cozy fire on the patio. Once inside there were cigars, small bites, and, of course, whiskey. The entire space felt warm and inviting, and provided the perfect blend of scents to create a comfortable ambience.

Creating an unforgettable event begins and ends with unique experiences to connect with each of our senses. Focus on beautiful locations, luxurious amenities, exhilarating and relaxing opportunities, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how long your guests speak of your event in the years to come!

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