Sustainability is here to stay, and hosting a sustainable party is an important thing to consider as you look ahead to the approaching holiday season.

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Environmental Sustainability is the responsibility to conserve, maintain, and repair natural resources and global ecosystems to support health and well-being. Humans and nature must exist in harmony; this is important for both now and the future. Not only does it benefit humans and our quality of life here on Earth, but it protects wildlife and the beautiful planet we call home.

How can we be sustainable?

It is our responsibility to take the steps available to help reduce our carbon footprint and effect on the environment. This can apply to events and parties as well! We understand that being sustainable can incur higher costs, but there are many solutions to keeping within your budget while still having the party you envision! In addition, there are some incredibly easy – and stylish – ways to ensure your next corporate gathering is not only enjoyable for your team, but friendly to our environment.

Some sustainable party ideas:

  1. Host your event at venues that are either LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified or have strong sustainable practices.
  2. Source and partner with local vendors and those who are also committed to sustainable practices. Incorporating local talent not only supports business within the community, but reduces the production footprint.
  3. Cater locally and organically when possible. Also, consider less meat options with a greater emphasis on plant-based foods.
  4. Curate a more simple event and table design, by leaning into the minimalistic luxe that is very trendy right now! In addition, consider using more natural elements within your style such as wood, bamboo, paper art, and florals that can be reused or donated. Also, consider using reclaimed or repurposed materials such as beautiful glass vases, stands, and the like. Lastly, if you want flickering candlelight within your design, consider using LED candles. They are more sustainable as they do not require frequent replacement. There are many LED candles available today that have the same beautiful warm glow as a traditional wax candle!
  5. Consider going digital when possible! Reducing the amount of printed materials and packaging materials for shipped items helps lower the carbon footprint.
  6. Rethink your large company gathering. Often, smaller local parties are more sustainable as well as enjoyable! Another option is to spend a weekend in nature, enjoying not only each other’s companionship, but also the quiet peace that is found when we spend time immersed in the great outdoors.
  7. Partner with to offset carbon footprint and certify events. This program is available for individuals as well as businesses, and can be acquired for personal use or as gifts.

What does a sustainable party look like?

Making even one or two swaps to more sustainable options is a great first step! We encourage all of our clients to consider various options to achieve that goal. One of our favorite examples was when we had the pleasure of curating a Moët Hennessy Holiday Party. We opted to work with primarily local vendors at a venue that was mere blocks from the client's office, which allowed almost everyone to arrive with minimal use of transportation. Additionally, we were able to enjoy the decor the venue already had displayed and did not need to add a lot of extra decor. One of our favorite features of this particular event was the Hennessy ice bar with luges. It was a breathtaking and interactive showpiece that was also sustainable as it was made entirely of ice. The employees enjoyed every part of the party, and we enjoyed knowing that we were not creating unnecessary waste!

But, what if you want a different option altogether?

We know many companies enjoy hosting an opulent holiday party as a wonderful way to show their appreciation to colleagues, employees, and partners, but consider instead using that portion of your budget to “give back” to causes that mean the most to the employees. For example, you may give a generous donation to an organization that supports a community rebuilding from a natural disaster, or one that provides tangible help to those too sick to care for themselves, or even a local children’s hospital or other organization. There are many non-profit organizations that need help now and during the holidays.

Ultimately, we know that sustainability is not only important to us but also to our clients. At Meridian Events, we strive to be as sustainable as possible and keep it at the forefront of decision-making when planning our events – reducing where we can and offsetting what we cannot.

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