Invest in Executive Hospitality to Elevate the Guest Experience

Attending a corporate retreat, a multi-day festival, or a large sporting event is a great way to network with business associates, reward employees, and enjoy time with colleagues and executives. However, events that span multiple days or locations, or include any sort of travel, often involve a long list of things to plan and oversee. This is where executive hospitality comes in!

executive hospitality

What is executive hospitality?

Executive hospitality is a premium service that elevates the guest experience for corporate events. We provide high-quality, personalized services and amenities to our clients and their VIPs before, during, and after an event, particularly for multi-day events that require travel. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience at every touch point. This means taking care of every last detail including travel, accommodations, dining, gifting, and onsite care. Additionally, we can provide exclusive access to unique properties and events anywhere in the world.

What services are included in executive hospitality?

To begin, we arrange travel and accommodations for our executives and their VIP guests based on their preferences and anticipating details that would make their experience most enjoyable. Once onsite, we accompany the executives and VIPs wherever they need to go, providing transportation and organization to deliver a seamless experience for them. We strive to create a favorable and comfortable environment for our clients, fostering positive relationships and enhancing the overall business experience.

Often, when our clients attend a marquee, multi-day event, our executives and VIPs will be invited to attend accompanying private events all over town. We arrange for private transportation to each location and event, and often escort them, so our guests do not need to worry about getting to and from events.

Overall, we are passionate about providing white-glove personalized planning for our executives and VIPs from start to finish, allowing them to enjoy the moment and truly experience a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Which events qualify for executive hospitality?

We are happy to work with our clients for any multi-day event in which they're looking to elevate their VIP guest experience. Some examples include Formula 1 Grand Prix, the U.S. Open, and the Super Bowl. Our clients also tap us for executive hospitality services for internal events such as incentive events and corporate retreats. It truly is the ultimate service for any executives and VIPs who desire leisure, entertainment, and convenience.

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